25 Most Viewed YouTube Shorts in 2022

Here are the most viewed viral YouTube Shorts of 2022. We’ve compiled some of the most popular shorts from the most successful shorts creators on YouTube.

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Welcome to our round-up of the 25 most viewed viral YouTube Shorts posted in 2022.
After launching in September 2020, YouTube Shorts continued to gain a lot of momentum in 2022. Early adopters of the new video format have managed to reap the benefits.
The top 25 YouTube Shorts in our list have accumulated over 10.3 billion video views. If you doubted the power and reach of YouTube Shorts, this post should prove otherwise.

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Here is the list of the top 25 most-viewed YouTube Shorts of 2022. Keep reading to learn more about each short and the creator who posted it.

Short 1

Daniel LaBelle posted the most viewed YouTube Short of 2022.
Daniel is a US-based creator who produces short-form content. He had a successful 2022, gaining an extra 9.5 million new subscribers and an impressive 6.4 billion video views. Before YouTube, Daniel was a professional wedding and corporate photographer. He now creates short comedy videos on his YouTube channel and other social platforms.
His YouTube Short titled: "If Cleaning Was a Timed Sport. Part 2" involves Daniel showing how he would clean his house if it were a timed sports competition. You can't help but smile when watching this short. The relatability has helped it reach over 690 million views since October 2022.

Short 2

How Ridiculous posted the second-most-viewed YouTube Short of 2022.
How Ridiculous is an Australian-based creator group that makes long-form and short-form videos. Their videos involve them trying different challenges, including many world record attempts.
They had a successful year on YouTube in 2022, gaining 7 million new subscribers and 5.2 billion video views. They posted 36 long-form videos and 27 shorts.
Their short titled: "Power Tools Racing Is INTENSE!!" involves them competing in a short race, starting with a garden strimmer to pop a row of balloons. The 47-second Short is engaging and has had over 680 million views since April 2022.

Short 3

How Ridiculous also posted the third-most-viewed YouTube Short of 2022.
The creators, Derek, Scott and Brett, know how to have viral success with YouTube Shorts. They posted their first-ever YouTube Short in July 2021 and have since posted two per month.
This short titled: "Our MOST INTENSE Balloon Popping Race!!" is like the previous short and is another balloon popping race. This high-energy 55-second Short has had over 562 million views since April 2022.

Short 4

Cheeky Boyos had the fourth most viewed YouTube Short of 2022.
Brian O'Donnell and Coy Wickey run the Cheeky Boyos channel. Their channel features short-form content and a small amount of long-form videos.
Brian and Coy grew their YouTube channel by 2 million subscribers in 2022. During this time, they received 1.5 billion total video views.
Their YouTube Short titled: "We Met Hulk in Real Life" shows one of the Cheeky Boyos transforming into the Hulk. The Short is likely to appeal to a young and broad audience. The Short has had over 526 million views since February 2022.

Short 5

MrBeast's first appearance in our Top 25 Shorts of 2022 list is in fifth place.
MrBeast is known for his popular YouTube videos and started to post some YouTube Shorts in 2022. Jimmy posted 16 long-form videos and 6 Shorts in 2022. Despite only posting six Shorts, two of these feature in our top 25 list.
In the Short titled: "Would You Fly To Paris For A Baguette?", Jimmy offers a stranger $300 to fly to Paris and bring back a freshly cooked baguette for him. The 47-second clip ends in typical MrBeast fashion, with Jimmy rewarding the stranger with a cash prize.
The Short was only posted in December 2022 and has had over 508 million views.

Short 6

Lucas and Marcus posted the sixth most viewed YouTube Short of 2022.
Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre, also known as The Dobre Twins, are popular creators with over 28 million subscribers to their joint channel. The Dobre Twins posted their first YouTube Short in December 2021. They have since published 97 Shorts in 2022 alone.
In this Short titled: "Revenge 😂", Marcus pranks Lucas, who is sleeping on an inflatable in their swimming pool. The 59-second Short has been viewed 430 million times since being posted in July 2022.

Short 7

SportsNation posted the seventh most viewed YouTube Short of 2022.
The Short is on ESPN's official YouTube channel for their sports talk show, SportsNation. The channel only posts YouTube Shorts and does not post any long-form videos. This strategy has worked well for ESPN, with the channel having over 9 million subscribers.
In this Short titled: "They made the dream happen 😅 | #shorts", you see two boys push their friend on a swing and help him go over the top. The Short was originally filmed by a user called @antny_og on Instagram. SportsNation typically posts other user-generated content. The 15-second Short has had over 422 million views since being published in January 2022.

Short 8

That's Amazing Shorts posted the eighth most viewed YouTube Short of 2022.
That's Amazing Shorts is a secondary channel of YouTube creator That's Amazing. The channel only features short-form videos and has 8 million subscribers. That's Amazing's long-form YouTube channel has just 4.7 million subscribers. The channels feature two young brothers who film trickshot videos.
In their Short titled: "Top 10 iPhone Trick Shots" they show ten trick shots involving an Apple iPhone being plugged in to charge. The 32-second Short is easy to watch and appeals to a broad audience. The Short has been viewed over 421 million times since being posted in July 2022.

Short 9

MrBeast is back on our list with another Short, the ninth most-viewed YouTube Short of 2022.
In this Short titled: "Giving iPhones Instead Of Candy on Halloween", MrBeast surprises trick-or-treaters with iPhones. Whilst only 39 seconds long, the Short is similar to the typical videos MrBeast has had success with on YouTube.
The Short is filmed from a POV camera angle to show the recipients' reaction when presented with a brand-new iPhone. The Short has been viewed over 415 million times since being posted in November 2022.

Short 10

The tenth-most-viewed YouTube Short is the third Short in our list from How Ridiculous.
The How Ridiculous crew are back with another balloon pop race. The race is similar to the other two Shorts on our list, which is highly engaging. The YouTube Short titled: "Extreme Balloon Pop Racing Is INTENSE!!!" is a fast-paced race that keeps the audience waiting to see who wins.
The 53-second Short has been viewed over 412 million times since being published in February 2022.

Shorts 11-25

We'll cover some of our favourites from the 11th to 25th most viewed YouTube Shorts of 2022.

Short 12

Dan Rhodes posted the twelfth most-viewed YouTube Short of 2022.
Dan was one of the top Shorts creators in 2022, posting over 600 Shorts and receiving over 6.4 billion views. He continues to be one of the most viewed Shorts creators on the platform, averaging half a billion video views each month.
In his Short titled: "Magic BATTLE!", Dan performs different magic tricks with his girl friend, who struggles to repeat his magic. The 33-second clip is in the usual style of Dan's Shorts, which generally don't include any speech. This is to let the magic speak for itself and for the Shorts to be suitable for an international audience.
The Short has had over 405 million views since being published in July 2022.

Short 14

In our 14th position is another Short from an ESPN-owned YouTube channel. This time is the channel of Omar Raja, ESPN commentator and founder of the House of Highlights Instagram page. The page features viral clips of professional sports and user-generated content.
This Short titled: "Pole vaulting can have the craziest outcomes 🤯" is a compilation of user-generated content on pole vaulting. The 33-second Short features three different clips. Omar has found success from YouTube Shorts, amassing 5.6 million subscribers to his channel after publishing over 1,600 YouTube Shorts.
The Short has had over 387 million views since being posted in June 2022.

Short 17

The 17th and 18th most viewed YouTube Shorts of 2022 were posted by Justin Flom.
Justin is a famous magician who has previously had his own TV show in the US. He posts various content on YouTube, which typically feature his wife. The first Short in our list is titled "Real life transforming Cinderella dress! 👗😲" and is Justin's wife cleverly changing outfit with her transforming dress. The 18-second Short has been viewed over 366 million times since being posted in November 2022.

Short 18

The second Short from Justin is titled: "Dad fixes hole in kids bedroom! 🕳️🐁" and shows Justin creating a Tom & Jerry-inspired decoration in his house.
The 58-second Short will likely keep viewers engaged and watching to the end to see the final result. The Short has been viewed over 351 million times since November 2022.

Short 23

Milad Mirg posted the 23rd most-viewed YouTube Short of 2022.
Milad initially found success on YouTube by posting story-time videos accompanied by first-person footage of him working at the fast-food chain Subway.
Milad now posts regularly on YouTube Shorts instead of long-form videos, and his Shorts consistently receive millions of views. He has over 4.7 million subscribers and has published over 250 YouTube Shorts in 2022.
His Short titled: "100 PB&J's For People in Need" shows Milad making and delivering 100 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches to local homeless and other people in need.
The 34-second Short has been viewed over 311 million times since October 2022.


YouTube Shorts is set to grow in popularity in 2023 with more creators producing Shorts and YouTube actively pushing the content in more places on the platform.
I won’t be surprised if we see our first ever Short with over a billion views in 2023. The big question is who will be the creator - MrBeast, Daniel LaBelle, or How Ridiculous?

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