Take your YouTube creator marketing to the next level

As a performance focused creator marketing agency, we connect brands with the best YouTube creators to deliver profitable long term results.

Our services for brands

We offer a fully managed service to brands which covers all aspects of working with creators. Here are a selection of the key areas our team covers.
Campaign Creation
We can help brands create their campaign from scratch, or partner with brands who already have experience working with creators with an on-going campaign.
Creator Selection
We'll identify and shortlist creators that are suitable for your brand. We'll carefully vet them to ensure they meet all your requirements, such as audience location and whether or not they have previously worked with any of your competitors,
Our team has close contact to thousands of creators. We'll reach out to them on your behalf to see if they are interested in working with you.
We'll take the stress and hassle of negotiation away from you. Our team will handle the negotiation with each individual creator to try and agree on a sponsorship that works best for everyone.
Once we've agreed provisional terms with each creator, and you have approved for them to be in the campaign, we'll handle the contracting process for each creator, ensuring they are legally contracted for all the required terms, such as exclusivity period and required usage rights.
We'll make sure creators are fully briefed on the goals, talking points and assets for the campaign. We will design a briefing document for creators to refer to which is in a suitable standard format for them to refer to, reducing any risk of them missing any important info.
Campaign Execution
We have sophisticated systems and processes in place to successfully execute thousands of sponsored videos each year. Our team will handle the whole process and ensure you receive all the content for final approval before going live.
Legal Compliance
We will ensure the videos comply with all local advertising standards and laws, such as the FTC and ASA for sponsored content on YouTube.
Quality Assurance
We take the time to ensure that every video and piece of content posted is done so correctly, in accordance with all the requirements from the brief and contract.
We actively monitor and track the performance of all campaigns, and offer on-going ideas and suggestions to optimise the results of existing and future content within the campaign.
Usage Rights
We'll work with creators to secure usage rights on your behalf for any content that you wish to use in your own marketing materials.
Managed Payments
We handle the payment of all creators you work with, ensuring they are paid on time and via their preferred method. We can support the payment of thousands of creators each month.
Reporting & Data Analysis
We report on campaign performance using a number of key data points. We then analyse and provide insights based on this analysis to help optimise and drive further ROI efficiency.
Campaign Scaling
We can scale campaigns very quickly using our experience and a number of in-house proprietary methods that we have developed over years of working with creators.
Creator Renewals
When creators have performed in-line or above the initial expectations and you wish to continue working with them, we'll handle the negotiation and contracting of this sponsorship renewal for you.